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Design & Designers

Right from the start of the story of the company, SIA has worked with designers providing the creativity and look that you can expect from a premium decoration brand.
We present here our in-house designers:

Klaas Van Tilburgh


Klaas was born in Antwerp, Belgium, with a creative father and a practical mother, an excellent blend combining aesthetics with practicability.

At 5 years old, he was drawing houses and wanted to be an architect. Not having a higher-education diploma, he sought his own way, especially in fashion, and opened his own flower shop in Antwerp in late 2002.

Shortly afterwards, he was noticed by an American importer, who very quickly entrusted him with “visual merchandising” tasks and then the artistic direction of an important collection of decorative flowers and accessories for the USA.

He therefore spent 7 years, while still a very young man, travelling across Europe, Asia and North America to design, have produced and put in place the collections. Wanting to move closer to his family, he was contacted by SIA and joined the creative team at headquarters in early 2012.

Klaas has always liked to look at and pay close attention to details, colours and materials. His highly visual memory helps him create ambiances from trends identified for each season.

Now the Artistic Director of the brand, he is at the centre of the renewal work of the collection and diversification of the range begun by the new team.

Dag Noem


Dag was born at Steinkjer, a town located near a fjord 600 km north of Oslo (Norway).

At 17 years old, he joined a renowned Horticulture and Botany school based in Levanger. He studied there for a year and then left for Lillehammer where he studied for 2 years to become a Floral Designer while working in a flower shop at the same time.

This shop is one of the oldest flower shops in Europe in which the most famous Scandinavian florists have been trained.

During his training, Dag took part in floral competitions to perfect his technique and his knowledge, his objective then being to open his own shop.

And that is what he did for a few years, in partnership with another florist, until SIA sought him out to join its team in France.

Dag saw a new challenge there and therefore joined the SIA adventure in 1995.

His first mission was to manage the Villiers Saint Frédéric showroom which was then the Group’s first showroom.

He was then promoted as Manager of the Brand’s Visual Identity and ensuring the respect of this identity within each new store opened abroad such as in Dubai, Kuwait, Canada and the USA among others.

Finally, he managed all the trade fair projects in Paris and Frankfurt.

For the past few years, he has been Development Manager at SIA for Artificial flowers and Christmas decorations.